Cane Creek Cycling Tour - Tour FAQs


Your biggest question is probably “How do I join in on this awesomeness?!” If so, view our Tour Schedule or follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information.
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Q: What types of events do you do?

We’re not your traditional “demo program.” Sure, we have a van full of awesome bikes intended for riding, but we offer several different styles of events. If you visit our Tour Schedule page or view the events on Facebook, you’ll find all the important information about each event outlining what you need to know to participate. Here’s an idea of what you have to look forward to:

  • Festivals: Festivals are typically where you’ll find a traditional “open demo” where bikes are available first-come, first-served during expo hours.
  • Trailhead/Shop Demos: Sometimes we set up at trailheads or retailers for a smaller scale “open demo.” Bikes at these events are available first-come, first-served during stated demo hours. Please note: last bikes leave the tent 1 hour prior to event close. The best chance you have of getting on the bike you want is to arrive early.
  • “Cane Creek Experience”: This is our fancy term for a “non-demo” event. Typically, we’re supporting races, charity rides, or setting up at an indoor expo. Regardless, you can learn LOTS and look,  touch, and learn about Cane Creek products!
  • VIP Group RidesAt these events, riders will reserve the bike of their dreams in advance through a link available on the event page. Riders will arrive approximately 1 hour prior to ride departure to sign waivers and get set-up on bikes. Then, we’ll all ride together in a no-drop group to experience the bikes and components in a more intimate setting. Rides last approximately 1-2 hours. Did you miss the reservation window? That’s ok! You can join us on your own bike anyway!
  • Tech Clinics: Tech clinics may be stand-alone or incorporated into another event style above. These events allow you to really learn more about the ins and outs of specific Cane Creek products. Want to learn how to change the elastomer in your eeSilk seatpost? Want to learn how to properly set sag on your Cane Creek suspension? Curious about air volume and travel adjustment? We’ll show you in a small group setting!

Lastly, we also do specific events just for our retail shop, distributor, and OEM partners. Do you fall into this category? Let’s talk!

Q: How do I demo? What do I need to be able to demo?

First things first… you have to find us on the road! The event logistics may differ depending on which event you come to. Please be sure to carefully read the event details on the specific event’s Facebook page. Some events are first-come, first-served, others require advance reservation (so make sure you read!).

In order to take out a bike, regardless of the event, you MUST have:

 Your credit card, valid photo ID, pedals, & helmet     

 You will be required to fill out a digital waiver form at the Cane Creek Cycling Tour tent

 Unless otherwise indicated, bikes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Arrive early and be ready to ride!

Some super important fine print: All riders must wear a helmet while operating demo bicycle. The rider’s valid credit card and ID is kept on file for the duration of the demo. We will withhold one ID + credit card per bicycle taken out. Rider Engagement Manager reserves the right to deny a demo bike to any rider at any time. Any ride event may be cancelled, even at the last minute, due to adverse weather, trail conditions, or other necessity. Our decision to close or cancel a demo considers rider safety, positive trail stewardship, and prudent & appropriate use of equipment.

Q: How much does it cost?

It is free to demo bikes, participate in clinics, and learn more about Cane Creek products. However, please note that some venues do require an admission fee; for example, some trailheads require admission or parking fee and oftentimes festivals require a paid festival pass. But once you’re in, it’s free to participate in Cane Creek events!

Q: How long can I demo?

You know how badly you wanna try out that Guerrilla Gravity The Smash or Litespeed Ultimate Gravel Ultegra Di2? So does everyone else! If the event is an open demo, we set demo ride time to 35-45 minutes per bike to allow everyone an opportunity to try it out. Please be respectful of our equipment, your ride, and others’ opportunity.

Q: Is there a minimum age to demo?

There is no minimum age requirement, but rider must be at a height that is safe to ride the product. A parent/guardian over the age of 18 must sign waiver for a minor. 

Q: Will you come to my [something incredibly awesome] event? How do I schedule an event?

We’d love to be at your event! We make no guarantees, but if you have an organized and promoted road, gravel, or mountain bike race, ride, festival, expo, club, etc., please reach out to us for consideration. We do specific B2B events just for our retail shop, distributor, and OEM partners. Do you fall into this category? Let’s talk!

Currently, the primary focus of the Cane Creek Cycling Tour is within a 500-mile radius of our office in Fletcher, NC, and it is unlikely we will be able to accommodate your request if your event is outside the radius. Exceptions may include major festivals, partners, and race/ride events.

Q: Why Guerrilla Gravity & Litespeed? I’ve never heard of those brands.

GREAT QUESTION. For nearly forty-five years, we’ve designed, tested, and hand-assembled premium bike components right here in Western North Carolina. For us, attention to detail and pride in our work is personal. We make products we believe in – products that we want to ride and are proud to claim as our own. Innovation, premium materials, and quality manufacturing is at the heart of our business.

When making the bold decision to increase our brand presence and consumer & retailer support, we knew we wanted to align ourselves with Original Equipment Manufacturers that share the same values. If you haven’t already read the Partner Highlights for both Guerrilla Gravity & Litespeed, we encourage you to do it. Hopefully our partnership becomes obvious. If you don’t have time for that… you can read more about these brands on our Products on Tour page.

Q: Do you do Factory Tours?

Why, yes we do! We are open Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm. Tours are free and last approximately 30 minutes. Please schedule your factory tour 1-2 weeks in advance. 

Q: This is really great and all, but you still haven’t answered my question…

Shucks. You can’t say we didn’t try. Just shoot us an email.


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