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Introducing Invert, The World’s First Gravel Fork

Asheville, NC- 

 Invert is the World’s First Gravel Fork. Early in the research and development process, Cane Creek identified four key ‘Pillars’ that would be integral to making the world’s first well-executed gravel fork: 

  1. A smooth and controlled ride that boosts confidence 
  2. Lightweight design that does not work against riders 
  3. Visual design that integrates seamlessly into the drop bar bike’s silhouette 
  4. Simple setup & operation that is not unnecessarily complex  

Until this point, no fork made for drop bars, rigid or otherwise can offer this much rider benefit in one, clean package. This is what it means to truly be a Gravel Fork. 

Riding beyond the pavement can be rough, physically taxing, and unpredictable. Invert goes straight to the source of this problem to offer a smoother ride with more traction, both uphill and down. With Invert, riders will be more efficient, more relaxed and have confidence to glide over gravel like they have never experienced before. 

“Wider gear ranges, tubeless, INVERT: gamechangers! Most times progress is met with hesitation but often becomes the norm. Throughout the development of Invert, our team knew there was a better way, and was vested in making a true, legitimate option for Gravel. Invert is going to change the gravel landscape.”    – Kyle McNamee, Product Manager   

 Cane Creek will offer two models of Invert that will be available this summer – Invert SL and Invert CS. Invert SL and Invert CS differ in two simple ways – A Climb Switch and the amount of available travel.  

Invert CS comes with 40mm of fork travel and a Climb Switch, that when clicked, dramatically reduces the amount of fork movement for pedaling out of the saddle. The Climb Switch button is inspired by the simple click of a pen and is as satisfying to click as the feature is to use.  

Invert SL is a more minimal and lightweight variation, for those that want the least intrusive option, but still want the rider benefit of Invert. It forgoes the Climb Switch mechanism and comes with 30mm of travel. This shorter option may also be preferable to some riders that want to keep their stance on the front of the bike lower. Invert SL weighs less than 1 kilogram.  

Why inverted? This layout proved to be the best path forward for Cane Creek to be able to adhere to the original ‘Four Pillars’ of the design concept. An inverted fork allowed for the lightest weight and most visually integrated design – two crucial aspects gravely missing from the market. It also has other beneficial side effects. The inverted design reduces the mass directly attached to the front wheel which makes it more sensitive and better at actively smoothing the surface below. This is known as reducing the unsprung weight of the system. Inverted forks also use gravity to help keep bushings and seals coated in suspension oil – playing another crucial role in reducing overall friction.  

Lastly, the design leaves more clearance above the tire for riding in mucky conditions and places the wiper seals in an orientation where dirt, grit, and mud will not collect and sit as easily! 

Using Invert is easy. Riders only need a basic shock pump to set the PSI in the air spring to 95% of their body weight. Cane Creek recommends this as a starting point, with further adjustment encouraged, based on rider preference. No other adjustments are necessary. Through blind testing with a variety of riders, Cane Creek decided that complex and wide-ranging damper adjustments simply aren’t needed when considering the minimal travel and primary use case of realistic gravel riding. Invert is everything a rider needs, and nothing they don’t.   

Cane Creek’s all new Invert gravel fork will be available for purchase by early Summer 2024 through retailers, distributors, and factory direct at Visit to sign up and receive email notification when they are available for purchase. Invert is available in the SL model for $1099.99 and the CS model for $1199.99.  

About Cane Creek Cycling Components 

Cane Creek Cycling Components is a manufacturer of premium cycling products headquartered in Fletcher, NC. The company was founded in 1975 as the North American headquarters of Japanese brake manufacturer Dia-Compe. In 1995 the company was renamed Cane Creek Cycling Components and was subsequently purchased by its employees. Over the years, Cane Creek has introduced several groundbreaking products – including the original threadless headset, the AheadSet – and the revolutionary Double Barrel Shock. 

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