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Cane Creek Logo
Pisgah Born Cane Creek

Cane Creek Cycling Components has been shaping the cycling industry for nearly 3 decades and we are proud to call Pisgah National Forest home. Every product we choose to make is influenced by the endless miles of rugged singletrack and the twisty roads of Pisgah.


Pisgah Proven

Our products are proven by Western North Carolina’s grueling technical climbs and long rewarding descents; our products are born in the Blue Ridge Mountains and tested by the likes of Pisgah. As an employee-owned company, we set the highest of expectations for ourselves when we bring a product to market, sustained by premium customer service and interactions. We only pursue an idea for a product if that product enhances a rider’s experience because we believe that riding bikes makes life better, so we work to make bikes better.

Home is where the heart is..
Cyclists can be found in every corner of the world - and you can bet there's a Cane Creek innovation or product helping them complete the ride - and it all started here.
Test - Ride - Repeat
All Cane Creek products are designed, prototyped and developed right here in Western North Carolina, and Pisgah is our proving ground. Our engineering and product management teams have access to some of the world's greatest mountain bike trails, road rides and gravel epics.
Hand Built - Right Here
All Cane Creek Forks, Shocks and Brakes are assembled, tested and inspected right here in our Western North Carolina facility.
Help more. Give more.
More than just a company building bike parts - we are active members of our community. From curating fundraisers like the Pisgah Project, to building bikes for families in need, when it comes to community; Cane Creek shows up.
No Dig. No Ride
The Cane Creek team plans to continue to support the well being and sustainability of Pisgah trails. By collaborating with local organizations such as The Pisgah Conservancy, The G5 Collective, and Pisgah Area SORBA - our efforts are directed to where they're needed most.
Limited Edition Products
As an employee owned company, Cane Creek doesn’t have any major conglomerates or corporations to answer to - we decide our own destiny. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Limited Edition - Once they are gone, they are gone.
Authenticity is essential in anything that Cane Creek does as a company. Cane Creek is, first and foremost, people who love bikes and truly believe that they are working to make riding bikes better. As a small employee owned and operated company headquartered in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Cane Creek has leaned into these elements that make them unique and special as a company and never try to portray themselves as something they are not.
A deep Craftsmanship should be evident in everything that is done at Cane Creek - just as it is always evident in their products. The perception of a brand’s quality is often subconscious, and a poor-quality package, blurry photo or broken webpage can speak volumes to a customer even if they don’t realize it. Everything Cane Creek does as a company will aim to reinforce the level of quality and attention to detail.
Cane Creek products are designed to be the premium Alternative to widely produced products aimed at the mainstream. Therefore, it is important that as a company, Cane Creek reinforces that ethos of alternative in everything that’s produced. From advertisements to photographs to how Cane Creek presents its brand at trade shows and events - Cane Creek is always focused on being different from what is standard and expected in the cycling industry.


of innovation

We are a company of riders…

From our roots with the world’s first threadless headset to the introduction of the eeWings titanium crankset, we have always approached cycling from a rider’s perspective – Riding a bike isn’t just something we do, it’s part of who we are.

For that reason, we strive to constantly make the act of riding better – in whatever form that may take. This is the lens we look through when we conceive, design, test and manufacture Cane Creek components. We look to the rider – to ourselves – on the bike and ask, “How will this improve the ride?”

Our legacy of innovating has deep roots.


That Drives Us

Our motivation to continually improve the simple act of riding a bicycle is constantly gaining inspiration.  Often times this inspiration comes from the lifestyle our employees lead. We are a group of individuals who are passionate about many different sports and activities including – Motorcycle riding & racing / Fishing / Skiing & Snowboarding / Backpacking / Endurance events and more…even Unicycling

Cane Creek employee two-wheeled inspirations:

Factory Tour

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Did you know that all Cane Creek DB rear shocks and Helm front forks are assembled by hand right here in Western North Carolina? ⁠

Cane Creek Journal

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Brent Graves – CEO & President Being Frank: Product Management Axioms I’ve talked around Product Management (PM) several times in the past. Last November

Our Team

Meet our family

Cane Creek is an employee-owned company based in the mountains of North Carolina. Voted one of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work, the company is deeply rooted in the culture of cycling


If you’re passionate about cycling, we might have a position for you at Cane Creek. The environment in our North Carolina facility is progressive, fun and full of opportunity. So if you think you’re a good fit for Cane Creek, we want to hear from you.

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