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Did you know that your shock needs service every 100 hours of riding time (or annually) to stay in top performance shape? Cane Creek shocks are designed for long-term durability, and regular maintenance will ensure a long service life! If you ride in extreme weather conditions, the service intervals should be more frequent.

In addition to our Certified Service Centers worldwide, we are pleased to offer factory-direct Service to all of our customers and dealers. Our aim is to provide you with unequaled attention, service, and quality.

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Factory Direct Service includes:

Complete tear down, cleaning, and rebuild of fork/shock
Installation of all new seals and of any running changes and updated parts since the shock was built
Oil change, vacuum-fill, and nitrogen recharge

Current service turnaround time is approximately 5-7 business days.  Estimates are based upon arrival in Fletcher and once payment method is confirmed. Please consider reaching out to one of our Certified Service Centers depending on your location for shorter shipping lead times or potential service turnarounds.

All items:

+ return shipping

*Please note we no longer offer service on Cloud9, AD series or original DBCoil and DBAir (those without a Climb Switch). Seal kits for the Cloud 9 and AD 5 shocks can still be purchased here. For service on your original DBCoil or DBAir, please contact on of our Authorized Service Centers.

In addition, we currently offer the following upgrades that you can add to your service:

IL Climb Switch w/ Integrated Tool: Retrofit your older model IL shock with the new CS lever that has an integrated 3mm tool for quick access for trail side rebound and compression adjustments. Cost $16 additional

VALT spring: Receive 15% off the pricing of a new lightweight VALT spring when purchased with a service.

Hardware: Need to refresh your hardware? Moving your shock to a new frame? Receive 15% off hardware when purchased with a service.

Upgrade original HELM damper to new MKII damper: New compression & midvalve circuit for increase support & control, SKF low friction oil seal head cartridge, and easier to turn HSC adjuster. Click here for more information. Cost detailed above.

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All Factory Direct service comes with a 90 day guarantee against issues from new materials or workmanship as part of the service. 

For shock and fork warranty concerns in the US only, please complete the form below. For all other warranty concerns, please contact us through our Support Center.

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