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Cane Creek’s Coil Curious Program provides comprehensive, personalized guidance on everything from fitment and installation to fine-tuning for your specific needs. Our one-on-one coil suspension guidance ensures you get the most out of your upgrade.

Operated from Cane Creek’s headquarters in Fletcher, NC, this program is easily accessible to riders in the Blue Ridge Mountain region, but open to all if you are interested in making the trip to our neck of the woods! The Cane Creek coil suspension available for testing will be installed on a test rider’s personal bike at Cane Creek’s factory. To facilitate this process, the bike must be delivered to the Cane Creek factory at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled test ride.

To schedule your appointment, please fill out the form below – you will not be charged until the test ride has been confirmed. 

Coil Curious Test Ride Includes:

  • One-on-one coil specific suspension consultation 
  • Coil suspension demo
  • Shock fitment & installation
  • On-trail tuning & adjustment

Cost Per Test Session


Explore each step of the process & learn more about what to expect with each Coil Curious Test Ride below!

Available Coil Suspension Test Ride Options



Request a Test Ride

Once a rider submits their inquiry form, a Cane Creek representative will carefully review the information provided and respond directly to organize the suspension installation and test ride. We’ll confirm the fitment details of your bike, answer any questions, and set up a date and time for your test riding experience.

Optional locations include:

⚪ Pisgah area (Ranger District, Bent Creek & Old Fort) ⚪ Dupont area



After confirming fitment, as well as date, time, and location, the Cane Creek representative will place an order for the necessary shock and/or fork, along with the required mounting hardware. These components will be assembled at our Western North Carolina factory.

At this point a payable invoice for the cost of the Coil Curious Test Ride Session [$100] will be sent to the test rider – This non-refundable invoice must be paid before the suspension test ride can begin.

All Coil Curious Test Suspension will be BRAND NEW – Specifically built for each test ride.


Installation & Set Up

To ensure a smooth install, we require that your bike is dropped off at Cane Creek’s Factory (Fletcher, NC).  The installation and safety check will require a full business day to complete. 

Once suspension is installed the rider’s personal bike will be delivered to the trailhead by the Cane Creek demo van and the Coil Curious Test Ride will begin! 


Time to Ride!

Fully geared up and prepared to ride, the test rider will meet with the Cane Creek Representative at the predetermined trail head. The test ride and suspension tuning session will commence promptly after an initial sag setting and damper adjustments. 

The Coil Curious Test Ride itinerary includes:

  • Rendezvous with Cane Creek Rep. at trail head
  • Take delivery of your bike (with Cane Creek coil suspension installed) 
  • Bike safety check & liability waiver signing
  • Initial coil suspension setup
  • Run #1
  • Post run adjustments
  • Run #2
  • Post run adjustments
  • Run #3
  • Post run adjustments
  • Run #4 (if time allows)
  • Recap & Review

Please anticipate 2 hours for the complete test ride, starting from the initial setup to the recap and review. To make the most of our time out on the trail the test “runs” will focus on short, repeatable sections of trail during the test session. 


Review & Upgrade

After completing the Coil Curious Test Ride, the Cane Creek representative and the test rider will review the tuning adjustments made and discuss any noteworthy comments the rider shared during the session. Additionally, a clearly written tuning card summarizing the session will be provided for future reference.

Riders now have the option to apply the cost of the test ride to the purchase price of the Cane Creek coil suspension which is currently installed on their bike

No pressure! Should the test rider opt not to purchase the Cane Creek coil suspension, their original suspension will be reinstalled for no extra charge.

Rider Testimonials


Absolutely! Our aim with this program is to optimize your biking experience. If you decide to purchase the coil suspension that we’ve installed and fine-tuned during the test ride, you’re welcome to do so! Furthermore, we’ll deduct the cost of the Coil Curious test ride from the price of your new coil shock or fork.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Once you submit your Coil Curious Inquiry Form, one of our representatives will get in touch to discuss fitting options tailored to your bike, riding style, and preferences.

Oh yeah! The New Tigon offers riders both coil sensitivity and air support in a single, adjustable, and robust package. To experience it yourself, just select the Tigon option during the inquiry process.

Once you’ve submitted your Coil Curious Inquiry form, a member of our team will calculate your spring rate using the information you provide. Moreover, our Cane Creek demo van is stocked with various spring options to cater to any adjustments needed during your test ride.

No – This suspension demo program is aimed at unlocking the full potential of your current bike.

If your current suspension is a Cane Creek component – then absolutely! For general suspension setup and tunning questions please reach out to our expert team via our customer support page or read through our rear shock tunning guide

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