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The Helm MKII is our first major update of the Helm fork lineup and improves on its predecessor in nearly every way. Hand-built in Western North Carolina and rigorously tested and developed in the Appalachian Mountains. 

Featuring an updated damper design with new compression and mid valve circuits, a new SKF oil seal head, and Motorex 2.5 weight damper oil. All of these elements work to reduce friction and increase sensitivity.



Tuning your suspension starts with dialing in your spring.  The independent positive and negative air chambers – along with the self contained indexed volume adjustment system allow all Helm air forks to be set up for any rider and any style.  

The Helm MKII air spring has a redesigned air piston which increases air volumes and reduces friction, greatly improving traction and suppleness on trail.   The threadless seal head and manual negative air charge button designs allow for easy travel setting adjustments and the ability to properly set up riders of all different sizes and abilities. 

  • Indexed Air Volume Adjustment (No tokens) 
  • 30psi Minimum Operating Pressure
  • Tunable Negative Air Spring
  • Internally Travel Adjustable 

"Overall I found the Helm to be an excellent fork. It provides all of the great handling and support that you would expect from a 35mm stanchion fork. It has loads of adjustability which allows riders to find exactly what they're looking for out of their fork. The Helm handled everything I threw at it flawlessly."

– Zach Peterson, Vital MTB


Every single Helm fork is designed, built, inspected, tested and packed by a dedicated team of suspension professionals at our facility in Fletcher, North Carolina. Our suspension team’s attention to detail is illustrated in our three step Dyno testing, ensuring that our hand built products reach high standards of precision and performance.

This process includes: 

  • Individual Damper Assemblies compression and rebound verification.
  • Helm Chassis validation of the spring and damper
  • Final hand dyno to ensure quality and supple feel.


The HELM’s Damper is the control center of the fork – highly sensitive check springs, valves and shims control the flow of oil with every compression and rebound as you ride down the trail. Cane Creek’s Development Team equips the MKII with new compression and mid valve circuits to maintain control during heavy braking and square edge scenarios.

A redesigned SKF Oil Seal Head and Motorex damper oil work together to protect the internal damper components while simultaneously reducing friction.


In keeping with our love for building components that stand out from the crowd, the Chroma Studio is here to add some additional style to your bike.

Make it unique with these timeless colors.

Helm MKII Air Tech Specs

Product Details

Joshua M.
Verified OwnerVerified Owner

Love this fork. Very plush, supple off the top, without sacrificing the progression for bigger hits and compressions. Whenever I go back to my Lyrik, my hands hurt in a way they never do on the Helm Mkii. Guess I will need to buy another for my 27.5 bike. My only complaint would be the weight, at 1950grams it is heavy for a 130mm fork, when a Fox 34 Factory comes in around 1750. The finish on the Galaxy limited edition is exceptional.

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

3 weeks ago
Frederick Duggan
Frederick Dugganus
Verified OwnerVerified Owner

I’ve used the big two brands for a long time, they were good but never great. I got a Smokin deal on a Helm MK2. Holy smokes why did I wait so long! Better tracking, supple and supportive. It is the fork I had been needing for a long time. This paired with the Kitsuma coil on my Stevo is an amazing trail/enduro setup

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

4 weeks ago
Verified OwnerVerified Owner

Top notch

Verified reviewVerified review - view original

4 weeks ago

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Product Search

Reed Mann

Design Engineer
Name: Reed Mann
Position: Design Engineer
Year started: 2022
Best part of being a part of the Cane Creek family:  It’s very refreshing to work for a small, tight-knit company where we all share the same passions and to develop new products that make cycling better for everyone.
What you’ll find me doing on the weekends: Obviously riding bikes, but also wrenching on bikes or cars, exploring the mountains, and watching F1 races.
How I got here (at Cane Creek): Feeling pretty unfulfilled with a corporate engineering job, I happened to see that Cane Creek was hiring. I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands dirty working on the latest bike tech and was fortunate enough to be offered the position.