The Cane Creek Podcast

A podcast about riding bikes, making bike parts and all of the questions that our customers and fans have had for us over the years. If you have suggestions for a future episode or questions you would like to hear us answer on the show, please email us at

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Episode 1: The Cane Creek Story

In the first-ever episode of the Cane Creek Cycling podcast, we sit down with industry veteran Peter Gilbert and ask him about his 32 years with Cane Creek and the changes he’s seen along the way.

Episode 2: Understanding Suspension

In this episode, we sit down with Cane Creek suspension experts Alex Dawson and Jeff LaForge to discuss what’s really happening inside your shock and fork.

Episode 3: Cy COTIC

This month we talk with Cy Turner, the founder of Cotic Bikes, about what led him to start a bike company, why he values working with like-minded companies and why the best ideas in the business come from you, the riders.

Episode 4: Pandemic Pandemonium

This month we talk with Brent Graves, president and CEO of Cane Creek, about the pandemic and how it’s affected Cane Creek in ways both expected and unexpected.

Episode 5: Bikepacking

This month we sat down with Logan Watts, founder of, to discuss his adventure and what bikepacking means to him.