Save The Hellbenders



We are proud to announce that $10 from each Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket or Headset purchased through between October 15th and 31st will be donated to support the conservation efforts of The Pisgah Conservancy.

Our long-time partner, The Pisgah Conservancy, is an organization whose mission is to provide funding to preserve the natural resources and scenic beauty of the Pisgah Ranger District and to enhance the recreational experience of all visitors to Pisgah.

Save the Hellbenders! The slow-moving, long-lived Eastern Hellbender is the largest salamander in North America.  Hellbenders are indigenous to the pristine, mountain waters of the Eastern United States, and are listed as a state endangered species in North Carolina. The Pisgah Conservancy’s Save the Hellbender initiative is set up to protect the remaining Hellbender population and their habitats.  Hellbenders truly suffer when the land and trails around our native streams, creeks, and rivers are not sustainably built or used. Cane Creek and all of the conservancy’s partners are committed to responsible management of our National Forests.

To learn more about the Pisgah Conservancy and the work they are doing to preserve the natural resources of the Pisgah Ranger District, please visit their website:

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