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Can I tune the Thudbuster for my weight?

Yes. Every new Thudbuster ST seatpost includes a set of elastomers to fit your weight and riding style. The Thudbuster will come with a medium firm elastomer (150-200lbs / 68-90kg rider weight) pre-installed in the post. Thudbuster will also come with a Soft Elastomer (100-150lbs / 45-68kg rider weight) and a Firm elastomer (200-250lbs / 90-115kg rider weight) inside the box.  For really lightweight and heavier riders, we also make Extra Soft (under 100 / 45kg rider weight) and Extra Firm (250-330lbs / 115-150kg rider weight) Elastomers. They are available on our Seatpost Parts and Accessories page.

For detailed elastomer installation instructions, check out our complete instruction manuals for the ST or LT.

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