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What size spring do I need for my Cane Creek Coil shock?

Sometimes coil shocks can use a few different length springs depending on the size of the shock and the rate of the spring.  Below is a list of our VALT springs and the compatible coil shock sizes/ DB Kitsuma Coil 185 X 50 Trunnion Shock Size Compatible VALT Springs: AAD1784 VALT – 2.25X350 AAD1763 VALT […]

Where can I find information about the base tune on my shock?

Factory Neutral base tune settings can be found here. Additionally, we also work very closely with select manufacturers to specifically tune rear shocks to certain frames. If you have a manufacturer specifically-tuned rear shock, you can find information about base tunes here.

I’m thinking about upgrading my bike to a coil shock. What are the practical performance differences between the DBcoil, DBcoil CS, and DBcoil IL?

It’s important to note that DBcoil is no longer available directly from Cane Creek. However, you may still be able to find the DBcoil at some of our partner distributors. In addition, you can check out its upgrade, the DBcoil CS, which has the same fitment. DBcoil CS is a great option for trail, enduro, […]

I used the spring rate calculator and I’m in between two spring rates. Which one should I choose?

Rider weight, riding style, and desired ride quality all play a role in determining spring rate. Use our spring rate calculator (available on the shock’s page) to figure out which spring rate is best for you. If you are having trouble deciding between two different spring rates, consider this: A lower spring rate will have […]

Will this shock void my bike manufacturer’s warranty?

You will void your warranty if you attempt to use a different shock size or mounting type outside of your bike manufacturer’s specifications.  

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