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I used the spring rate calculator and I’m in between two spring rates. Which one should I choose?

Rider weight, riding style, and desired ride quality all play a role in determining spring rate. Use our spring rate calculator (available on the shock’s page) to figure out which spring rate is best for you. If you are having trouble deciding between two different spring rates, consider this: A lower spring rate will have a more planted, supple feel, but will bottom out more easily on bigger hits. Conversely, a higher spring rate will provide a more lively feel and help the damper control bottom out for more aggressive riding. It is also important to consider how much preload you plan to use. Preload affects the energy in the spring. Increasing the preload will increase the ride height and reduce sag. If you find yourself needing less than 1 turn of preload (turning Spring Adjustment Nut counterclockwise) to achieve desired sag, you should switch to a lower spring rate. If you need over 6 turns of preload (turning Spring Adjustment Nut clockwise – six turns is max) to achieve desired sag, you should switch to a higher spring rate. After you’ve determined which spring is best for you, use our Tune Your Shock resource to dial everything in!

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