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How is the negative spring pressure adjusted?

Because the two air chambers are isolated, the rider can set different air pressures in the differing chambers for the desired feel. First, inflate the positive air chamber, then press the negative air chamber equalizer button. Once the two air chambers have the same amount of pressure, either increase or decrease the amount of air […]

How is the negative spring pressure set?

During inflation through the air valve on the left leg of the fork, an additional step is required for properly setting sag with appropriate negative air pressure. Charging the air valve only adds air to the positive chamber of the air spring. To inflate the negative air chamber, charge the air valve of the positive […]

Does it have to be sent in for servicing?

Yes, for best performance, Cane Creek recommends a Fork Lower service for every 50 hours of use. Additionally, a Full Fork air spring and damper rebuild performed by a Cane Creek authorized service center for every 100 hours of use.

What adjustments does it have?

Helm forks are 7-way adjustable: 10 positions of high speed compression , 20 positions of low speed compression, 15 positions of low speed rebound, 8 positions volume reduction, independent positive and negative air chambers. And internal travel adjustment.

What is the warranty?

All Cane Creek suspension products, including Helm, have a limited one (1) year warranty, subject to limitations.

What is the retail price?

Helm retail price is $1,100 USD.

Is there a reduced offset version available?

Our Helm 29 is available in 51mm offset AND 44mm offset, however the 44mm offset 29 will not be available until April 2019. Our Helm 27.5 is only available in 44mm offset

What is the max tire size?

The maximum tire size is listed as 27.5×2.6in. But always check tire clearance with no air in the fork at full compression.

Can I use a non-QR thru-axle?

No, Helm’s D-Loc axle must be used on Helm forks, using any other axle system will void its warranty.

Is the thru-axle design unique to the Helm?

Yes, the D-LOC thru-axle system is unique to Helm.

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