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What is the warranty on my Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket?

The Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket comes with a 1 year warranty against any manufacturers defects (2 years in the EU).

What tools do I need to use to install my Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket?

Depending on the variation, a 12 notch 46mm bottom bracket tool and/or a standard press fit bottom bracket tool is required for installation. Please refer to the Instruction Manual section for more details.

How much does the Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket weigh?

BSA Threaded 30mm bearing – BAI0143 – 92g BSA Threaded 29mm bearing – BAI0156 – 97g PF30 30mm bearing – BAI0145 – 123g PF30 29mm bearing – BAI0158 – 127g BB30 30mm bearing – BAI0144 – 100g BB30 29mm bearing – BAI0157 – 105g T47 30mm bearing – BAI0160 – 141g T47 29mm bearing – […]

Can I service or clean my Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket?

You can periodically clean around the bearings and seals, and apply new grease.

Does the Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket come with spacers?

Only the Threaded BSA Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket will come with a 2.5 mm spacer.  – Aluminum dust covers are included

What Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket fits my cranks?

First you must ensure that the bottom bracket bearing size is compatible with your crank’s spindle diameter. If you have eeWings, then any of our 30mm Hellbender Neo or 30mm Hellbender 70 bottom brackets could work, and if you have a Dub crank, then any of our 29mm (Dub) Hellbender 70 Bottom Brackets could work.   […]

What Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket Fits My Bike?

The Hellbender 70 bottom bracket is available in BSA threaded, PF41/92, PF30, T47 and BB30 variations. Please consult your bike’s manufacturer, local bike shop, or contact us for technical assistance.

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