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I need a replacement crown race. How do I know which one to buy?

We make five different crown race sizes, and they are labeled by “bearing size” first, and “crown race seat diameter” second. For example, a 52/40 crown race will work with a 52mm bearing and 40mm crown race seat diameter. First, figure out what size bearing your lower headset assembly takes. Then, confirm the crown race […]

I want to replace the bearing in my Cane Creek headset. What size do I need?

EC30 will take a 38mm bearing EC34 will take a 41mm bearing ZS44 will take a 41mm bearing ZS49 will take a 41mm bearing EC44/40 will take a 52mm bearing EC44/33 will take a 47mm bearing EC49 will take a 52mm bearing ZS56 will take a 52mm bearing ZS62 will take a 52mm bearing IS41 […]

Can I get more clearance between the bottom of my headset and the top of my fork crown?

Yes you can. We make our 52/40mm crown race available with some extra height. There’s a 3mm and a 6mm version. Both are available on our Headset Parts & Accessories page under “Solutions.”

Can I mix and match AngleSet cups to create different angles?

Cane Creek has engineered, designed and tested Angleset in partnership with a variety of frame manufacturers, up to 1.5 degrees of offset. We don’t recommend building configurations beyond what is offered in stock assemblies.

Is my bike AngleSet compatible?

The AngleSet requires a minimum head tube Inside Diameter (ID) of 44mm.  If your frame has an ID of 44mm or larger on both the top and bottom it is AngleSet compatible.  Certain head tubes will only be able to utilize a straight 1 1/8” steerer with the AngleSet (see our S.H.I.S. poster).

Do you make an adapter that will allow me to use a tapered fork on my bike?

Your bicycle’s headtube must have an inside diameter of 44mm or larger in order to use any tapered steer fork.  Traditional 1 1/8 in headtubes, or 34mm inside diameter headtubes, cannot accept a tapered steering column fork, therefore we do not make an adapter that will allow you to use a tapered steering column on […]

Do I need a tapered head tube to use a tapered fork on my bike?

In most cases, yes. However; with the introduction of certain models from Cane Creek, tapered forks can be run in two straight head tubes. The classic 1.5” head tube has an inside diameter (ID) of 49.61mm, with use of our ZS49/28.6 TOP assembly, a tapered fork can be used instead of the straight 1.5” that […]

Can I replace my headset’s bearing without replacing the entire headset?

In most cases yes, especially if your headset uses sealed cartridge bearings. The first step is identifying the model of your headset. Cane Creek branded headsets should have model names that can be referenced for replacements. If your headset is the OEM or factory installed headset it is usually necessary to upgrade to a new […]

Does my threadless headset need maintenance and, if so, how should I take care of this?

Yes, all moving parts on your bike should be regularly serviced and your headset is no different. Check out our instructional video on headset maintenance for a quick walk-through.

How do I adjust my threadless headset?

It’s a good idea to periodically check for good headset adjustment. There should be no looseness, play or knocking in the headset. If you detect any of these, then your headset should be adjusted. It’s a relatively simple, straightforward task and we’ve created a short video to walk you through the process.

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