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What’s up with this gold ring? Where does it go?

The gold-colored Interlok® Filler Ring fits into the top-most Interlok groove in your cockpit setup to provide a flat surface for placement of a non-Interlok-compatible stem. This could be the headset top cover (as supplied) or the top-most Interlok spacer in your spacer stack. It is not placed inside the headset. (Note that the Interlok […]

What are Interlok Spacers, and do I have to use Interlok Spacers with Cane Creek headsets?

Are they necessary? No, but there’s a few good reasons why you might want to use them: Our patented Interlok spacer design provides solid interface between the top cover and spacer stack, meaning they “nest” together and into the top of the bearing cover, which helps minimize shifting under load while riding; and our “Scalloped” […]

How do I install my threadless headset?

While relatively straightforward, headset installation does require some mechanical knowledge of bikes and certain specialty tools. We suggest heading down to your local bike shop and letting a professional mechanic take care of your installation. But if you want to do it yourself… check out our instructional video on headset installation and reference your Owner’s […]

I’ve got an old Schwinn with an ICBM headset. Do you make one?

Unfortunately we no longer produce or stock any complete replacement headsets, though we do have a limited number of replacement bearing kits. They are available in the “Solutions” section of our Headset Parts & Accessories page.

How do I identify my current headset?

In most cases you can simply look at the top cover of the headset, all Cane Creek headsets are clearly identified with a model name in this area. OEM headsets may not have a model name or much information at all. In this case you may need to remove certain parts to measure your head […]

My headset says Cane Creek and has a patent number, but no model name. Can you help me??

Cane Creek brought threadless headset technology to the bicycle industry in the early 1990s, beginning the revolution in fork and head-tube innovation. We held the patent for nearly 20 years, and during that time licensed the technology to qualified manufacturing partners around the world. Many of these partners elected to etch the “Cane Creek” name […]

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