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Can I use a Shimano XTR 12 speed chain with eeWings?

Yes!  eeWings are now compatible with Shimano XTR 12 speed drivetrains using Wolf Tooth Direct Mount Chainrings for Hyperglide+

What kind of lube/grease do I need to use?

Included with the eeWings is a small brown tube of Ti-prep. Installation instructions of the eeWings recommends the use of Ti-prep on all bolts threads and the spindle. However a standard petroleum grease can be used as well.

How much do the eeWings Mountain weigh?

400 grams, this includes all items included in the assembly (arms, spindle, fastening bolt/washer, chainring bolts, spindle spacer, preload assembly).

What are the eeWings Mountain made of?

The eeWings arms are Grade 9 Ti-3AI-2.5V, the hirth joint/chain ring interface, spindle, pedal inserts, fastening bolt and washer, preload bolt, and the three chainring bolts are Grade 5 Ti-6AI-4V Titanium. The 1.75mm spindle spacer, and preload assembly (thread ring and spacer ring) are made of 7075 aluminum.

What is the Q-Factor on eeWings Mountain?


What is the warranty on my eeWings Mountain?

eeWings have a 10-year warranty, limited to the original retail owner. This limited warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, malfunctions or failures that result from abuse, improper assembly, neglect, alteration, improper maintenance, crash, misuse or collision. This limited warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, malfunctions or failures that result […]

Why did my eeWings Mountain not come with pedal washers?

eeWings do not require the use of pedal washers as the metal on metal connection between a pedal and an eeWings crank arm is safe without the need for washers.

Can I use a SRAM direct mount spider?

No, spider designs specifically for SRAM cranksets will not work with eeWings. The chainring interface on the eeWings has an inverted bolt pattern relative to a SRAM crank and the spider will not connect properly to the eeWings.

What chainring can do I use on my eeWings Mountain?

eeWings use a SRAM X-SYNC direct mount chainring interface.

What kind of material do I use to touch up the brushed finish of my eeWings Mountain?

3M 96 Scotchbrite, green color, Medium Duty Scouring Pad.

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