Experience ee

Precision, ingenuity and the love of the ride… That’s the essence of ee

In the fall of 2016, renowned cycling components designer Craig Edwards joined forces with Cane Creek, forming a lasting partnership to not only manufacture and distribute his game-changing eeBrake but also to work hand-in-hand with Cane Creek designers and engineers to develop new products that pushed the sport of cycling into new frontiers.

From that partnership, Cane Creek’s ee line was born.

What Makes a Product ee?

In order to earn the right to be called ee, a product must meet the highest standards of function and innovation. This begins with a rigorous product development process designed to take great ideas and turn them into excellent products.

This unique approach and uncompromising commitment to meticulous execution results in products that have surpassed previous industry bests and whose beauty is truly in their function.
We use this process to guide us internally and hold ourselves to this high standard so that we know we have achieved a product of the highest quality and performance that can be deemed the best.

Three guiding principles shape the framework and practice of the ee design process:

Free of Convention:

We believe in innovation rather than following established standards. An ee product is born from questioning the norm and using a new lens to discover connections between different but related facts. When joined together, these facts can create a clear view of something novel, which has never been seen, developed or commercialized before. Something that is truly revolutionary.



How do you improve on an age-old design? Ignore it completely.
The starfangled nut has been around since the origin of the threadless headset and is, still to this day, at the heart of threadless headset preload design. So when Craig Edwards set out to create a lighter weight preload assembly designed for carbon steertubes he could have easily been bound by that classic design.

Instead, however, he broke free from convention and developed a recessed cone shape that created increased tension and stiffness facilitating precise headset adjustment setting it apart from both the original star nut design and other lightweight caps.

Relentless Engineering:

Engineering is the practical application of art and science. Lessons learned from earlier experiences become the foundational underpinnings of further advances. This process is repeated until the assurance has been gained that all aspects of the product requirements have taken it beyond the state of the art.

eewings spindle

While designing eeWings, we knew we wanted to design a crank that is both extremely durable and ultra-stiff while remaining in a weight class that’s comparable to leading carbon cranks. The solution? A design that relied on both relentless engineering and the choice to use titanium, a superior yet expensive and difficult to work material.

Throughout the development process, this focus on relentless engineering and testing resulted in some truly superior features including a 30-tooth hearth joint joining the crank together, hollow tube arms for a superior stiffness-to-weight ratio and a CNC machined aluminum preload with a titanium bolt for a more precise and durable setup.

Slave to Logic:

The design process draws upon intuition, imagination and systemic reasoning to explore the many possibilities of what can be created. Maintaining a strict adherence to logic-based decisions creates boundaries for product development ensuring that it is the best it can be for the right reasons.

eebrake regular mount

eeBrake pad holders offer simple and easy tool-less pad installation and removal. This was achieved by asking a simple set of logical questions:

There must be something better than the standard “set screw” design.
Why not make a tool-less pad holder?
Can a no back out feature be achieved without a tool?
Pads can bend. How can the design take advantage of a pad’s inherent flexibility?
Design idea: permanantly place the “no back out” feature on the pad holder and design a way to bend the pad around the “no back out” feature during installation.

ee Attributes

The end result of this simple yet effective protocol is a better product that achieves remarkable results. To gain the ee designation a product must display the following attributes:

Beauty in Functionality:

Performance and purpose are prioritized over preconceived notions of what a product should look like. The function of the product must be so extraordinary that the resulting form that it takes defines the appreciation of its appearance.


An ee product is unequalled on multiple levels. It bears uncompromised quality and is the very best that can be offered in that category.


An ee product cannot be taken at face value, it exhibits the most unlikely idea and contradicts conventional wisdom. When a person first looks at the eeBrake, the appearance suggests one of stiffness and power, yet also of weight. The awe a person exhibits when they pick it up or see the actual reading on a scale suggest that their intuition had told them something different.


DB Air CS and DB Coil CS trunnion mount shocks

DB Trunnion

Cane Creek’s legendary Double Barrel CS shocks are now machined with Trunnion mounting options. Allowing riders to fit their trusty DB Coil CS and DB Air CS into the new bearing driven frame designs available on the market.

Available Sizes:
185 x 50mm
185 x 55mm
205 x 60mm
205 x 65mm
225 x 70mm
225 x 75mm

Order yours through Cane Creek Dealers, Distributors or Factory Direct.

eeBarKeep – I’ll Take It Neat

Introducing eeSilk

Declare your independence from mass produced suspension with the HELM 27.5 Cherry Bomb. Named for the iconic red fireworks, the Cherry Bomb sports matte black lowers with a firecracker red metallic gloss crown and graphics. It’s available in both coil and air sprung versions however production will be limited to a total of 100 forks sold on a first come, first served basis. Order Yours Today.

#CrankitUp – Do you have what it takes to WIN a set of eeWings?

Let us know why you need the eeWings in a single image or short video clip that shows how you push your riding to the edge. Tag us on Facebook @canecreekcyclingcomponents and on Instagram @canecreekusa with #CrankitUp

On May 31, 2018 @ 2:00 pm  EST we will select one winner for a free set of eeWings during a Facebook live event.


The 2018 Pisgah Project Bike Raffle


A Bike Raffle Benefiting The Pisgah Conservancy

Cane Creek Cycling Components, Industry Nine, REEB Cycles,Thomson Bike Products, Maxxis tires, Find Your Line Bike Shop, Oskar Blues Brewery and the REEB Ranch have teamed up with The Pisgah Conservancy to support our common ground; the Pisgah Ranger District of the Pisgah National Forest (located just outside Asheville, North Carolina). The Pisgah Ranger District has become a key destination for mountain bikers, offering some of the most challenging terrain in the country. While The Ranger District is also great for fishing, hiking, and horseback riding, the rugged, technical nature of the trail systems make it second to none for mountain bikers.

Our mission for The Pisgah Project; Team up with cycling companies based in the Southeast region of the United States to build a bike with top-notch components, raffle it off, and send all of the proceeds to The Pisgah Conservancy. Last year this raffle raised over $25,000!


Purchase tickets at: www.ThePisgahProject.com


This year it is especially important to support The Pisgah Conservancy with a new series of proposed projects for the Pisgah Ranger District taking effect. Many of these projects are still in need of funding, and every dollar raised goes a long way toward helping catch up on the backlog of work that the forest needs. The Pisgah National Forest is our common ground. Whether you bike, hike, ride, fish, swim, or climb the forest needs our support.

Each component that makes up the Pisgah Project raffle bike has been selected by the partnering companies to provide the lucky winner with a one-of-a-kind, custom build capable of handling anything Pisgah can throw at it.


A huge thanks to all of the industry partners involved in putting this year’s Pisgah Project Bike together and the final touches by Find Your Line Bike Shop in Asheville, NC and Stikrd.com.



Total Retail Value: $8,999.99

Frame – REEB Squeeb / Hand welded in Longmont, CO, 7000 series aluminum construction, full suspension aggressive trail geometry, 145mm rear travel, boost spacing. Ready for any trail in Pisgah. Custom metallic gold and grey frame graphics to be provided by Stikrd.com.


Cockpit – Thomson Bike Products Elite X4 Stem (40mm) machined in Macon, Georgia from 7000 series aluminum mated with Thomson’s All-Mtn 750mm bar. Cane Creek’s 110 Series headset designed and cut in Fletcher, NC and new DROPT remote ties it all together. Find Your Line chose an all weather, ready for Pisgah cockpit. The Ergon SME3 Enduro saddle gives comfort and control. Chromag Scarabs’ wide and concave design with multiple pin options keeps your foot firmly in place.. A set of Death Grips round out the cockpit for a feel that keeps you on your line.


Suspension – Hand assembled at Cane Creek Cycling Components headquarters, the new HELM 29/27.5+ fork features 7 different adjustments, 35mm stanchions, and superb ride quality. For the rear, Cane Creek’s DB Air IL; The first shock to feature Cane Creek’s LinEair Spring, the DB Air IL is the best of both worlds, an air shock that feels more supple, linear and seamlessly supportive throughout its travel.


Wheels – Handmade in Asheville, NC, Industry Nine provides their NEW 29” 32 hole Trail270 wheelset, with a 27mm inner width, custom anodized gold spokes, hubs, and valve stem. The Trail270 provides the ultimate package of rigidity and backcountry-ready durability and as always our legendary 3 degree engagement in the Torch series freehub design.


Tires – Designed and tested in the hills of Georgia, Maxxis supplied a new set of 29×2.5 wide trail tires with the 3C rubber compound. Installed are a DHF for the front and an Aggressor on the rear for excellent all around performance; perfect for any condition Pisgah has to throw at you.


Seatpost – Thomson Bike Products sent over a Covert Dropper post with internal routing to keep the lines clean on the build. With the quality you have come to know from Thomson, the Covert is no exception. Their cartridge-based system is designed to have the longest service life in the industry.


Drivetrain/Brakes – The technicians at Find Your Line Bike installed SRAM’s XX1 Eagle group. For unmatched performance in the hills of Pisgah, the 32-tooth front chainring paired with the 12 speed 10-50 rear cassette will take you anywhere. The light and powerful Guide Ultimate brakes will stop you on a dime. Also included on this custom build, are Cane Creek’s NEW eeWings titanium crankset. These stiff, durable, lightweight cranks come with a 10-year warranty.


Purchase tickets at: www.ThePisgahProject.com


The Pisgah Project Bike will be “on tour” at the following events and locations. Tickets are only available through www.ThePisgahProject.com


May 5 – 12: Unveiling May 5th at Pisgah Pride Day 4PM at Oskar Blues Brewery – Asheville, NC

May 13 – 15: ROAM Fest East at REEB Ranch, Brevard, NC

May 16 – 17: The HUB and Pisgah Tavern – Brevard, NC

May 18 – 21: Dirt Fest PA – Raystown, PA

May 22 – 24: Squatch Bikes and Brews – Brevard, NC

May 25 – 27: Mountain Sports Festival – Asheville, NC

May 28 – May 31: Billy Goat Bikes – Asheville, NC

June 1 – June 4: The HUB and Pisgah Tavern – Brevard, NC

June 5 – June  9: Sycamore Cycles – Brevard, NC

June 10 – June 15: Oskar Blues Brewery – Asheville, NC

June 16 – Final drawing at REEB Ranch 5PM – Brevard, NC


Drawing Rules:


▪ Raffle Tickets ($20USD each) will be on sale starting May 5, 2018 at www.thepisgahproject.com


▪ Online raffle ticket purchases made until 12:00 p.m. EST on June 15, 2018 will receive one chance in the “Pisgah Project” drawing per $20USD. No limit to the number of tickets an individual can purchase.


▪ “The Pisgah Project” drawing will be held on June 16, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. EST at Oskar Blues REEB Ranch. Live coverage of the drawing will be available via Industry Nine’s Facebook live account. Results will be posted on the Pisgah Conservancy’s homepage (www.PisgahConservancy.org), on Facebook, and on the Cane Creek Cycling Component’s Instagram page. The winner will be contacted with the contact information provided.


▪ ”The Pisgah Project” is open to anyone 18 years of age or older.


▪ Contest rules adhere to North Carolina raffle regulations.


▪ You do not have to be present to win. The winner will be contacted by telephone and/or email.


▪ Should the contact information prove incomplete, illegible, discontinued, or the winner fails to contact The Pisgah Conservancy to claim the drawing prize within 7 days, or if he or she is deemed ineligible to receive the prize, an alternate winner will be selected at random from the remaining entries.


▪ Winner assumes all risks and will be responsible for all costs associated with claiming and transporting the drawing prize.


▪ Winner has ability to select bike frame size.


▪Delivery date of the drawing prize will be dependent on model, size and color availability. Estimated availability of 12-16 weeks from drawing date.

The Pisgah Conservancy is a relatively new organization and is somewhat different than other non-profits. “TPC” operates through an “Advisory Council” composed of representatives from each user group found in Pisgah. Their decision-making method ensures that each user group is involved in all key decisions. It’s a great example of hikers, equestrians, cyclists, fishermen, climbers, runners, wildlife conservationist, and the USFS working together toward common goals!


Cane Creek Cycling Components is globally known for their problem-solving headsets, back-saving Thudbusters, and fully adjustable suspension products. Cane Creek’s headquarters is located within a short drive from the Pisgah Ranger District, and has been based in the Cane Creek Valley since its inception in 1975.


Industry Nine machines, anodizes, and assembles custom wheelsets in Asheville, NC; just north of the Pisgah Ranger District. Industry Nine utilizes their signature System straight-pull aluminum spoke design, and Torch freehub technology to build a performance focused wheelset that is strong, stiff and lightweight. The 6-pawl Torch platform offers 3-degree engagement and all the power right where you want it most. Industry Nine offers 100% customization with 11 colors. Want to design your dream wheelset? Step into the AnoLab.


REEB Cycles and Oskar Blues Brewery are traditionally Colorado Companies, but have a stake in Pisgah with their East coast brewery just 10 mins from Pisgah in Brevard, NC. Since arriving in NC they have been heavily involved in the local community, supporting events, non-profit initiatives, providing local jobs, and creating a great, informal atmosphere for a post ride beer! They have also created the REEB Ranch, a breathtaking Western North Carolina ranch featuring dirt jumps, a pump track, cross country trails, the Cane Creek dual slalom track, and an all new flow trail designed and built by Avid Trail Systems.


Thomson Bike Products located in central Georgia has passionately been providing the cycling industry with precision machined and innovative products since the mid-1990s with the belief “that remembering your roots is the best motivation for innovation”.


Maxxis’s USA headquarters and tech center is also located in central Georgia, having deep-seated roots in the Southeast. Maxxis tires have proven to be a favorite of Pisgah riders; their tread patterns can be found at all of the Ranger District’s most popular trailheads.

Find Your Line Bike Shop, a Cane Creek Factory Authorized Service Center, is a friendly, fast paced, high-end service shop in Asheville, NC. Located in West Asheville at 487 Haywood Road, FYL is a fast-growing, rider’s shop specializing in suspension/seatpost service, wheelbuilding, carbon repair and hydraulics.

Introducing eeBrakes G4

Welcome to a new generation of excellence with the eeBrake G4. With an all new CNC machined design, increased clearance for wider tires and a stiffer spring for better performance on bikes with internal cable routing.  Order yours today.


eeBrake G4 Bridge

Introducing HELM 29

The same hard charging performance and hand built quality of the HELM made for 29 and 27.5+ wheel sizes. Available in both air and coil.  Order yours today.


Cane Creek HELM 29





(Don’t) Forget Your Headset