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Women of Cane Creek

Women of Cane Creek

January 2023

Though the Women of Cane Creek account for only 28% of our workforce, our impact is felt throughout the company. From Production to Marketing, Sales and Advocacy, we’ve got our fingers in a lot of pies.

With backgrounds as varied as our personalities; from Social Work to an Air Force Veteran, Manufacturing to an Elite Track Racer and Aerialist to Trail Builder, our histories enable us to tap into different strengths and experiences and bring them to life in the workings of Cane Creek.

Our eldest stateswoman has the longest tenure at the company – 44 years – and she can tell you many stories if you can get her to talk! Our youngest has been here less than a year and though they haven’t been in the building long, their impact has been felt: we can thank them for the black/white beer koozies and more local women engaging with our products.

Our Marketing and Production teams are lead by women and they are responsible for overseeing 38% of the overall workforce.

Some of us ride mountain, some road and gravel, some casually and some not at all, but we all contribute to the overall culture and the strength of Cane Creek, and our ladies in shipping will be the last ones heading out the door at the end of the month – and the rest of us thank you!

So take a moment to look at our women, as we do represent the greatest diversity in the building and if you are in the area, stop by and see what we do.

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