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HELM Fork Price Adjustment

We’re pleased to announce that, beginning today, Cane Creek is adjusting the retail price on the HELM suspension fork from $1,100 USD to $899 USD.

Our guiding principle at Cane Creek is “We believe that riding bikes makes life better – so we work to make riding bikes better.” Part of making bikes better is making our product as accessible to as many riders as possible while maintaining the standard of excellence that we’ve set for ourselves. So, in order to give as many riders as possible the opportunity to ride this amazing fork, we’ve worked to reduce its retail price.

In the eighteen months since the HELM was released, the fork has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the cycling media and riders alike – appearing on several editors’ choice lists and dream builds. The results of this success have allowed us to pay off some initial costs, such as tooling, that were required to bring the HELM to production. Also, as is the case with any hand-assembled product, we have become more efficient at producing the HELM over the last year and a half. Those efficiencies translate into cost savings.

We could choose to add those cost savings to our bottom line, but we would rather pass them on to our customers and get more riders on a better fork.

That’s it. There are no catches or fine print.

There will be no changes to parts, design or the production process used to make the HELM as a result of this price change. This is the same outstanding fork so many riders and reviewers have raved about over the last eighteen months.

We’re a small, employee-owned company made up of people who love to ride bikes, and we love the idea of more people being able to ride the HELM. So get out, go ride a bike and thanks for supporting Cane Creek.


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