Cane Creek Partner Highlight: Cotic Bikes

Fresh off the launch of the new Cotic Flare, we caught up with Cy, Richard, and Hannah from Cotic Bikes to discuss the brand’s “Sweet 16” years in operation, their history with Cane Creek, and some exciting new initiatives…

What would you do if you wanted to ride a bike that didn’t yet exist? If you’re Cy Turner, you design your own.

2019 Cotic Longshot FlareIn 2002, Cy was a young engineering professional with few “adult responsibilities”: no kids, no mortgage – just a wife and a few dreams. Cy combined his love of cycling with his knowledge of engineering principles and designed the frame he wanted to ride, what would eventually become their legendary hardtail the Soul. Through a little bit of chance and luck, he ended up ordering 100 of them. He sold enough to repay the loan, and poof! Cotic Bikes was born.

Cotic is headquartered in the UK in the heart of the beautiful Peak District, just 20 minutes south of Sheffield, England. The brand was born in 2003 with the Soul, but Cotic now designs and sells hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes, as well as drop-bar/straight-bar road/gravel/cyclocross utilitarian bikes. Almost their entire range is steel, and each of their products are anchored in five key attributes: fun, durable, clean lines, interactive, and confidence inspiring. Cotic sells consumer-direct globally, and they’ve seen their frames travel to all corners of the globe. Almost every single bike features Cane Creek products including headsets, forks, and shocks, and consumers are able to customize build specs mixing and matching parts to their heart’s content. Cy recalls the beginning of Cotic’s relationship with Cane Creek,


“Cotic started working with Cane Creek on a small scale for headsets in 2011. As a very small brand back then, we appreciated [Cane Creek’s] open, friendly attitude to having our business and treating us as a valued customer despite our small size and modest ordering. This is very much in contrast to the ‘unless you’re ordering $250k worth you aren’t worth my time’ attitude of one or two of the larger suppliers in our industry. I have always appreciated that, and it’s always nice to work with people who respect what you’re doing. Cane Creek have always been that way. When we were coming back into production with the Rocket in 2015, we needed a high end suspension offer to compliment our other options. Cane Creek were the go-to partner. I had been testing the DB Air, and when the DB Inline became available it was the perfect partner for our new bike. Cane Creek were again more than happy to work with a small, but growing business, with very small volumes to start with. However, we were still granted our own part number for the shock, our own base tune and tuning card. This gave our bikes a premium feel when our customers specified the DB Inline shock. It helped us sell the bike. [Editor’s note: Cane Creek works hand-in-hand with select OE manufacturers to achieve a bike-specific tune. Cotic customizes all of the Double Barrel tunes for their bikes – their custom tunes can be found here]

Over the next few years our suspension offering grew and developed out of all recognition, and with now DB Air IL, Coil IL, Air CS and HELM, we have awesome suspension offered on our bikes, which sets us apart from the crowd both in terms of performance and image. Last season Cane Creek took another step of trust with us and become a sponsor to our race team, which has carried through to 2019. We like to race on what we sell, so the fact our biggest selling bikes are equipped with Cane Creek suspension made it a perfect partnership to have the HELM and DB Air CS on the team bikes. Along with this, we are now actively consulted by their engineering and sales teams regarding our needs and preferences, which makes us feel very much appreciated. My highlight of the last Eurobike show was sitting down at the end of a long first day and having a yarn with TR, Luke and Ian. Add in the sales and tech support we get from Bryan and Andrew, we love working with you guys!”


As it turns out, their customers love Cane Creek too. Cotic’s customers get to experience Cane Creek products for the first time on Cotic’s demo tour. Then, when it comes time to order their bike, most of them choose to build or upgrade their bike to Cane Creek because of the products’ performance.

There’s more to Cotic than just developing bicycles. Cotic’s team of professional riders, the Cotic CC, and the Cotic Women of Steel are heavily community-focused initiatives with the goal of promoting and supporting their local riding communities. Richard Baybutt of Cotic notes, “The team will be out on the road this year at the Scottish Triple Crown events, [Enduro World Series] rounds, and other awesome events. The Cotic CC (cycling club) is running and hosting events all over the country exclusively for Cotic owners, hoping to get people riding things they wouldn’t normally get involved with – skateparks, uplifts, ride with the pros, bikepacking, etc. It’s always fun getting out of your comfort zone.”

Just this past Friday, April 12, Cotic launched their Women of Steel program. As their webpage explains, Women of Steel is a new
space for riders to meet up, plan adventures, learn skills and get more involved with this amazing sport. While Cotic CC is limited to Cotic owners, Cotic has made it clear that Women of Steel is for all female riders, not just those on a Cotic bikes. Hannah Saxelby, Cotic’s Demo & Dispatch Assistant, writes, “It’s open to any female riders that are keen to get out, improve their skills and meet new people. We’ll be organising events throughout the year that members can get involved with such as ride outs, skills days and mechanic sessions to boost your confidence and meet like-minded riders. We’re going to be sharing the stories and creating inspiring content to motivate you to get out and ride your bike!”





Gallery – Photos by Richard Baybutt

2019 Cotic Longshot Flare

Cotic Bikes is located at Unit 6, Calver Works, Calver, Hope Valley S32 3XH, UK
Email: | Phone: +44 7970 853531
Special thanks to Cotic Bikes/Cy Turner, Richard Baybutt, and Hannah Saxelby
All photos provided by Richard.
Fun fact: Richard won Pinkbike’s 2018 Photo of the Year Contest and used a little bit of his winnings to purchase some eeWings for his bike. It’s just the sickest, don’t you think?

Cane Creek Partner Highlight: Litespeed & Quintana Roo

Cane Creek has a unique and long-standing relationship with Tennessee, USA-based bike manufacturer American Bicycle Group. ABG has two brands making a major splash in the industry: Litespeed (road, gravel, adventure, and mountain bike) and Quintana Roo (triathlon). While all Litespeed and Quintana Roo bicycles are spec’d with Cane Creek headsets, our relationship dives much deeper.

Litespeed manufacturing

In 1986, Litespeed‘s founders sought to provide an answer to cyclists asking for something strong and durable, yet light and agile. Up for the challenge, a team of designers began a new breed of bikes: Litespeed. “We discovered a new way to work with titanium and created a new and exciting cycling experience,” explains Litespeed’s Brad Devaney. The company grew into American Bicycle Group in 2000, at which time Quintana Roo was added.

Litespeed bikes are manufactured and assembled, while Quintana Roo bikes are painted and assembled, in American Bicycle Group’s factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Cane Creek employees Bryan Flack and Andrew Slowey visited Litespeed’s headquarters earlier this month. “It’s amazing, they’re like our sister company,” they explained. “You’re able to watch a bike get fabricated, welded, painted or finished, and assembled all in the same place. The facility has a very ‘homey feel’ – it was so neat to be there.”

Litespeed’s relationship with Cane Creek began in the early 1990s. “Back in the early ‘90’s we were buying Rock Shox,

Cane Creek Helm on Litespeed Mountain Bikebrakes, brake posts, and a myriad of other items from then-Dia Compe USA, soon to become Cane Creek Cycling Components. The engineers of that day and time came to visit me at Litespeed, as we had a fork testing machine [that proved to be super] helpful in testing the first threadless headsets,” Brad recalls. Today, all Litespeed and Quintana Roo bicycles are spec’d with Cane Creek headsets. Quintana Roo is dedicated solely to the triathlete. Litespeed, however, offers a full range of high-performance road, endurance road, gravel, adventure, and both hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes. Manufacturing titanium frames allows Litespeed to offer extremely lightweight bikes with high stiffness-to-weight ratios.

We’re currently obsessing over Litespeed’s Ultimate Gravel Ultegra Di2 completely decked out in Cane Creek components. Cane Creek’s eeWings titanium cranks, eeSilk premium suspension seatpost, and the 110 headset are right at home on this titanium beast. Litespeed boasts, “[The Ultimate Gravel] features race bike agility, pack stability, climbs and descends with ease, and yes, aerodynamics – [it’s] the Ultimate do-it-all gravel bike. We’ve even added vertical compliance using tubular, aero, titanium tubes as subtle springs.” We agree… and adding additional Cane Creek components takes the bike to the next level.


Litespeed Ultimate Gravel bike with Cane Creek Components

Litespeed Ultimate Gravel bike with Cane Creek eeSilk suspension seatpost











Litespeed Ultimate Gravel bike with Cane Creek eeWings titanium cranks

Litespeed Ultimate Gravel bike with Cane Creek 110 headset











There are a lot of great component manufacturers out there… So we asked Litespeed – why Cane Creek?

Litespeed bike in manufacturing

Litespeed bike in manufacturing

 “Cane Creek engineers top quality products at a higher value than all other competition.  I spend my own money on what I believe works best with no consequence. It’s a personal choice on our bikes and we aim to deliver the same value and performance to our customers.  We ride and provide what we believe in” (Brad DeVaney).

Litespeed bike getting paintedWelds on Litespeed bike











Litespeed and Quintana Roo mirror our proclamation that the best components out there are the ones that work well without you noticing they’re there. They do the job so well – there are no quirks, no creaks, no subtle nuances you learn to forgive or work around. Litespeed and Quintana Roo deliver bikes that reflect a supreme attention to detail, are unequivocally reliable, and perform at the highest level. From their perspective, it makes sense to partner with a component manufacturer that offers the same. As a result, the rider is able to have an ideal experience on a holistic bike. Simply put: “Cane Creek keeps us, our athletes, and customers on course and focused on our tasks at hand.”

In the past Cane Creek and Litespeed had also partnered on almost all of Litespeed’s race team and demo/event tour efforts: “We partnered on multiple truck and trailer rigs rolling the country supporting athletes and customers.” Perhaps one day soon, we’ll reignite the event tour relationship…

Litespeed Ultimate Gravel bike with Cane Creek components - Made in USA


American Bicycle Group is located at 4126 S Creek Road, Chattanooga, TN 37406
Email: | Phone: (423) 591-8830
Special thanks to American Bicycle Group/Litespeed & Quintana Roo and Brad DeVaney. 

Cane Creek Partner: Guerrilla Gravity

Colorado, USA-based mountain bike manufacturer Guerrilla Gravity recently launched extensive Cane Creek customization options on every model in their line-up. We shared a digital coffee with Bobby Brown, Guerrilla Gravity Marketing Manager, to learn more about the manufacturer, it’s history with Cane Creek Cycling Components, and why a Cane Creek partnership just makes sense for Guerrilla Gravity.

Guerrilla Gravity manufacturing process

Guerrilla Gravity was founded in 2011 by Will Montague, Matt Giaraffa, and Kristy Anderson. The Shredquarters, located in downtown Denver, Colorado, was established in 2013. Matt explains, “It took the better part of a year to finalize designs, prototype the GG/DH downhill bike, and begin setting up the factory,” and Guerrilla Gravity has been a production mountain bike company ever since.

There’s no doubt that Guerrilla Gravity is ultra-intriguing for mountain bike riders, from its name to its bikes. Their most common question: Where did that name come from?

Guerrilla: A community driven effort to spark change, and Gravity: The fun part of mountain biking. “We believe businesses exist to serve their communities, so we’ve made it our mission is to make mountain biking more awesome. What does that entail? Improving trail access, increasing ridership, and of course making badass mountain bikes,” they state boldly on their website.
Their bikes are making no less of a bold statement. Like Cane Creek, Guerrilla Gravity is trying to bring race-ready, high-performance technology to market at more affordable prices. “There are a handful of expensive boutique carbon brands in the US, but we wanted to offer groundbreaking performance in a more affordable package. Much the same way that you can get a DBCoil to feel really similar to more bespoke suspension options and it’s half the price. Our design philosophy centers around a high level of refinement and focus on efficiency, creating bikes that are made for goin’ fast, built to last, and are easy to work on. Plus, we provide extensive customization options, from build kits to frame colors. This means you’re building a bike that’s dialed for you.”

Guerrilla Gravity manufacturing process

Speaking of customization… Guerrilla Gravity announced the expansion of their Cane Creek OEM partnership at their 2019 Launch Event. Cane Creek Helm fork will be offered as an upgrade on every model in Guerrilla Gravity’s line up. Additionally, The Smash and Megatrail will have the DBAir CS as an upgrade, and the Shred Dogg and Trail Pistol will have the DBCoil IL as an upgrade option. “A lot of riders were really excited to see the new Helm up close, and there has been a lot of interest in trying it out for the ‘19 season. Most of our riders try to go out of their way to support domestic manufacturing and everyone was stoked to see The Smash set up with some made-in-America suspension!” Marketing Manager Bobby Brown recalls.

Guerrilla Gravity proclaims they’ve been big fans of the Cane Creek 40 and 110 headsets, as well as the Double Barrel shocks, since the very beginning, using them on the first GG/DH and Megatrail bikes: “The DBCoil IL was our go-to shock for hard-hitting Trail Pistol builds from 2017 onward, and it remains a great option for riders who want the snap of a short travel bike along with the traction and ride quality of a coil shock when speeds pick up.”

We mutually agree that Cane Creek spec option just makes sense for Guerrilla Gravity.

“We celebrate our short supply chain by aligning ourselves with other domestic manufacturers like Cane Creek. Like our bikes, suspension products like the Helm and Double Barrel are made for goin’ fast and offer a ton of adjustments so every rider can fine tune their bike for their trails. We’re really pumped to build on our history with Cane Creek… we’ve got a very special partnership project in the works that will be publicly launched at the beginning of March. We can’t wait!”


 Cane Creek 110 headset on Guerrilla Gravity Smash Cane Creek Helm suspension fork on Guerrilla Gravity Smash Guerrilla Gravity Smash decked out in Cane Creek components

 Guerrilla Gravity Smash decked out in Cane Creek Components

Guerrilla Gravity is located at 2031 Bryant St, Denver, CO 80211, USA.
Email: | Phone: 303-955-4163
Special thanks to Guerrilla Gravity and Bobby Brown. 
Photos credited to Justin VanAlstyne | @JMVDigital_Photo

OEM Partner Highlight – Why Cycles

OEM Highlight: The reason why we ride – Why Cycles 

Why Cycles got its start in early 2016 in Ogden, Utah as the common idea of a group of cycling enthusiasts and business associates: Adam Miller, Jason Schiers, and Ben Craner. Focused on creating high-end bikes that reflected the joy they found in cycling, the three began dreaming up and sketching out beautiful bikes geared for luxury, comfort, fun, and speed.  They discussed improved methods for constructing frames, customizing components, and finding a streamlined distribution system for getting the finished products into the right customers’ hands.  Soon after, Adam formally founded Why Cycles to meld these preliminary ideas into a boutique business model with a focus on simplicity: no marketing fluff, no unnecessary product features, and no glitchy sales tactics. Why stands for straightforward, clean, eye-catching bikes done right.

Since those idealistic beginnings, and with those principles firmly intact, Why Cycles has now evolved into a team of hard-working bike enthusiasts based in Carbondale, Colorado.  Adam continues to design the bike models and run the company (along with his active puppies Finn and Kudu), Jason looks over everyone’s shoulders to ensure the engineering is faultless, and Ben creates unique graphic designs to keep the bikes looking gorgeous.  Kevin Boyer manages production and shop operations, Greg Herrman makes sure customers are happy about their bikes and customer service (Greg is probably the one you’ll talk to when you call), and friendly faces like Kelly Rossberg and Adam Smith help out with business processes, exchanging and challenging creative ideas, and pouring beers at trade shows.

The entire team is guided by our main value and fundamental mission: the products we create represent the fun and excitement we have biking – the reason why we ride – while simultaneously delivering impeccable, beautiful bikes that provide a riding experience that no other bike can.

Learn more about Cane Creek eeWings



Here at Why, our goal is more than designing and sharing super-luxurious titanium bikes that we love to ride, and it’s more than merely trying to offer the best customer service and purchasing experience possible. Our higher goal is to go home every day and feel good about ourselves, and that goes one step further – we want to find balance for ourselves and others by making this world a better place by any small means we are able.To that end, we are committed to trying to having an environmentally sustainable business to the extent we possibly can.  We ship all our bikes in reusable Evoc travel cases to eliminate cardboard waste – the bike case is our special touch and a lasting symbol of the quality product inside. We recycle all inbound cardboard and plastic that comes to our office, and we don’t use plastic and paperware in our office break room. Further, we chose to work with a manufacturer that abides as much as possible to these principles too; they too are committed to melting down and recycling all scrap titanium, minimizing or eliminating the use of any harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process, and recycling and disposing of any shop items responsibly.



Our frames are manufactured in a small mom-and-pop style “factory” in Northern China. Adam has travelled to China nearly a dozen times, and after visiting multiple factories in Taiwan and China (as well as the United States), chose the current manufacturing partner for several reasons.

Quality: First, the quality of the products from our factory is hands down the best we could find anywhere.  Only three individuals prepare and weld our frames, at our specific direction, and, of those three, the one with least experience has been welding titanium for six years! The raw material supplier is just minutes away from the factory; that supplier is a raw titanium ingot producer for multiple industries, and produces most of the titanium tubing that is used in high-end titanium bikes made in China, Taiwan, and the USA. When we visit our factory, we also visit the raw material producer to ensure our tubes are made exactly to our specifications, from the raw titanium ore to the finished butted round tube.
Tube Shaping: One of our goals was to create bikes that are a “modern take on a traditional material.” This involves shaping and manipulating titanium tubing in the most effective manner to take advantage of both its stiffness and its flexibility (depending on its angles, shape, and geometric features) to create the best ride quality, similar to modern carbon fiber bikes. Since titanium is extremely difficult to manipulate, and requires extra time commitment and unique handling skills, no other factory we found was willing to push the limits of shaping titanium in a way that would fully support our mission.

Testing: We work extremely closely with our factory on testing and quality control procedures. While most manufacturers are somewhat set in their ways, our factory was willing to set up new testing and QC procedures specific to our bikes. Beyond that, we worked with our factory to build a complete ISO-certified testing facility on site in the spring of 2017.  This new facility helps ensure our frames are properly tested beyond standard ISO protocols, and also helps shorten new product development time.Why Cycles provides a lifetime warranty on our bikes.  To confidently do that, we take our product development and testing very seriously – as you can see.

They rock: Each time we visit our factory, we are left with a further feeling of joy in working with them. The entire facility has only 18 workers total, and the company fits no stereotype of the negative side of Chinese manufacturing. The employees go on regular group bike rides, they offer excellent maternity and family leave, and they take every worker out to a group lunch on Fridays. Most importantly (to us), all the workers seem genuinely happy and are thoroughly proud of the products they make. In the nearly three years of working with this factory, with about ten in-person visits and almost daily Skype calls, they have become our closest company partner and we are truly proud to call them friends.

OEM Partner Highlight – Orange Bikes



Call us sentimental, but in our 30th year we can’t help reminiscing.

In the early days of Orange we had an exclusive model we named the Formula. They were never intended for sale, they were simply the best of the best and issued only to a select group of Team riders.

Based on that concept, we’ve decided to reinvent the Formula spec for the 21st century. Available on the iconic Five and Alpine 6.

So exactly like the original Formulas – but with one tiny difference…

…now you can have one too.




OEM Partner Highlight – Riese Muller

OEM Partner Highlight – Eminent Cycles

OEM Highlight: “Eminent is a zero compromise brand – that extends to both the way we craft bikes and the way we treat Eminent riders. Innovative designs, peerless craftsmanship, the freedom to customize your bike the way you see fit, and one-on-one customer service that begins the moment you purchase an Eminent. This is the elite experience. This is who we are” – Eminent Cycles

OEM Partner Highlight – Production Privee

OEM Highlight: “917. Porsche. Gulf. The car and its emblematic livery made mythical by the movie Le Mans and Steve McQueen is back, and this time, on our Shan nº5. Limited to 58 frames, this version of Shan nº5 is numbered as usual. To do Steve and the iconic car honour, we went for suspensions built for racing: a Cane Creek Combo with an Helm fork and a Double Barrel Air CS shock. The making of the 917 GT1 has now evolved into a true war machine.” – Production Privee

OEM Partner Highlight – Kingdom Bikes

“For the Refined Savage” –

OEM Highlight: “At Kingdom Bike, we obsess over details when designing our mountain bikes.  From the way our tubing is joined, to the small details on our CNC frame parts that add that special touch. However, none of these things matter if we don’t have proper suspension mounted to our frames to make them realize their intended suspension kinematics. Kingdom Bike’s obsession with high performance mountain bikes requires an equally obsessive suspension house – that’s why we’re proud to be partners with Cane Creek USA in bringing to the market high performance mountain bikes”.