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Being Frank: Warranty Versus Guarantee

110 Bottom Bracket

Brent Graves – CEO & President March 2024 There is a common misunderstanding between a product warranty and a product guarantee. For consumer products, including bicycles and parts, a warranty states that the product was manufactured without defects in design or workmanship. This is a near universal definition. Warranties do not promise specific use results. […]

Cane Creek Announces Their Next Limited Edition eeBrake: The Alchemist

Cane Creek is proud to announce a new limited edition of their critically-acclaimed eeBrakes – The Alchemist. Cane Creek’s, The Alchemist combines brightly anodized silver and gold parts to create the ultimate road bike adornment. Known for their extraordinary stopping power, incredible adjustability and remarkable control, Cane Creek’s eeBrakes are half the weight of its […]

Rigorous Testing, Exceptional Safety: Cane Creek’s Commitment to Quality

Cane Creek Air IL G2 - Shock on Hand Dyno

Lev Wechsler – Engineering Manager February 2024 Safety is paramount when riding a bicycle. Cane Creek Cycling Components designs and develops bicycle components with product safety in mind. To accomplish this, we test our products to standards set by various institutions as well as our own Cane Creek standards. Our internal standards often exceed the […]

Being Frank: Form and Function

eeWings MTN 165 detail

Brent Graves – CEO & President February 2024 I was in a discussion recently about the difference between what we say and what we do. The topic was what bicycle dealers tell us they will buy and what they actually do buy. The numerous reasons for the difference may make for an interesting Being Frank […]

Introducing: Aurora Limited Edition eeWings and Helm MKII

Cane Creek is excited to introduce their next Limited Edition Helm MKII and eeWings Cranks, Aurora. The Aurora Helm MKII casting and Aurora eeWings are painted by hand using the Saran Texture Method to give each fork and crankset its own unique pattern. The color-changing paint transitions from Gold to Green to Bronze, depending on […]

Being Frank: Seeking the Unknown at Bike Shops

Brent Graves – CEO & President December 2023 “Customers are not asking for your product.” That’s what a shop said to us recently. It is disappointing and frustrating to hear. It implies we are not doing a good enough job. And to a degree it is true. We offer a lot of products for a […]

Pisgah Born: Development Story and Technical Deep Dive on Cane Creek’s new Tigon Air-Charged Coil Shock

Pisgah Born: Development Story and Technical Deep Dive on Cane Creek’s new Tigon Air-Charged Coil Shock BY: CANE CREEK CYCLING COMPONENTS PISGAH BORN Tigon is the world’s first twin tube Air-Charged Coil shock that combines the ground-tracking sensitivity of coil with the tunable mid-stroke and bottom out support of an air spring – all in […]

Riding Under the Midnight Sun: A 3-Week Cycling Adventure in Iceland

Riding Under the Midnight Sun: A 3-Week Cycling Adventure in Iceland “Carpe diem” “Bike Mary” – @REBELWITHOUTACAR Iceland has been a dream biking destination of mine for several years now, but more in an abstract, “that would be cool someday” kind of way until I heard about a race called the Arna Westfjords Way Challenge. […]

Accidental Cycling Love

Accidental Cycling Love A ‘How I Got Here’ with Cane Creek’s new Product Marketing Manager Will Hart – Product Marketing Manager I was not an athletic kid. I was precocious, incredibly independent and outspoken – but not particularly inspired by sports. Something that comes up often at family gatherings is a quote of mine that […]

Cane Creek Introduces The Chroma Studio

The Chroma Studio allows riders to customer their bike with new colors Asheville, NC – Cane Creek Cycling Components is proud to present The Chroma Studio, a place where riders can customize their bike with some of Cane Creek’s most highly sought after products. Customers can add a single splash of color or dress their […]

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