HELM Air 27.5

Introducing the Cane Creek Helm, a 7-way adjustable suspension fork optimized for 140mm to 170mm of travel. Born in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Helm is designed to conquer aggressive trail, enduro racing, and anything in between. By isolating each damping and air spring adjustment, the Helm has the ability to be tuned for all types of terrain and riding styles and gives the rider ultimate control of their suspension set-up.



“Cane Creek is obviously looking to set their fork apart.. To do that, the Helm’s damper and air spring both offer an incredibly supportive ride, one that’s suited to the more aggressive, hard charging people out there.” – Mike Levy / Pinkbike.com



“Basically, the faster you get the fork moving – the harder you hit stuff, and the quicker you go through successive impacts – the more you’ll feel its advantages.” – Ryan Palmer / Bike



“The fork simply took care of business.” – Benny / Bike-components.de


2070 grams
High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression, Low Speed Rebound
7-way adjustable suspension fork
  • High speed compression
  • Low speed compression
  • Low speed rebound
  • Air volume adjust (8-position Internal indexed system)
  • Independent positive air spring
  • Independent negative air spring
  • Indexed travel adjust system
High volume positive and negative air springs
Positioned at 150mm, 160mm, or 170mm from factory Optimized for 140 - 170mm of travel
Internal, 10mm Increments (170mm down to 100mm) 2 Travel spacers included
"D-Loc" 15mm thru axle system / 15mm x 110 BOOST spacing / 44mm


D-Loc Axle Assembly:
  • Hard anodized aluminum cam lever closes against a self-lubricating brass clamp washer for axle function longevity
  • Fast and easy keyed entry axle and lock system
  • Eliminates unwanted rotational and torsional axle forces
Air Volume Adjustment:
  • Accessory-Free adjustment
  • 8 levels of volume reduction
Versatile Air Spring
  • Thoughtfully isolated positive and negative air chambers for ultimate tuning
  • Internal travel adjustment, 140-170mm possible with items straight out of the box.

Technical Documents

Got more questions? Check the Helm FAQ here.