T H U D L I F E …

Did you know: Cane Creek’s Thudbuster is one of our longest running and largest selling items in our global market. Surprised? Don’t be.

Thudbuster is the most effective and versatile suspension seatpost on the market. Its patented, parallel linkage technology delivers a clear advantage in comfort and control. Riders of all types of bikes around the world rely on Thudbuster to provide higher levels of performance and comfort. With a wide variety of uses, Thudbuster is a perfect add-on in preparation for your next adventure.

The Thudbuster technology stays in the direct path of the natural travel of the rear wheel. As a bump lifts the back of a bicycle, the rear wheel pushes up and forward into the rider. The Thudbuster works by compressing along the exact opposite path — down and rearward — absorbing force at the same rate: The net movement of the saddle is zero. Fully active elastomers provide approximately 3 inches (76mm, Long Travel) or 1.3 inches (33mm, Short Travel) of customizable suspension. Whether it’s a a quick trip to the grocery store on your e-bike, hauling the kids to school on your cargo bike, riding hundreds of miles on an epic bikepacking or biketouring route, ripping down the mountain on your hardtail mountain bike, or surviving the stoker position on a tandem… Thudbuster is for every bike, every body. Are you THUD-curious?

Thudbuster is for Hardtail Mountain Bikes/Bikepacking Bikes. The hardtail resurgence is real, and sometimes a dropper post is a little too much. Endurance, single-speed and 29er riders are quickly discovering that simple damping technology yields vast improvements in ride quality and control. Thudbuster is for Road Bikes/Biketouring Bikes. Long, rough road rides become less fatiguing and more comfortable. The Thudbuster is perfect for touring and “cause” riders who find traditional saddle/post combos uncomfortable. Thudbuster is for Tandems. A happy stoker is essential to fun on a tandem. A Thudbuster can make the difference between a beaten-up rear end and just a little bump now and then. Thudbuster is for Folding Bikes. Small-wheel bikes with high-pressure tires directly benefit from Thudbuster suspension. Thudbuster is for E-Bikes. In order to accommodate an engine, e-bikes feature, in general, very stiff and unforgiving frame designs. They are also ridden primarily in the saddle, rather than standing. The Thudbuster takes the edge off without changing the angle of your body in relation to the pedals. Thudbuster is for freedom to explore, Thudbuster is built for adventure.

It’s time for adventure. Channel your inner T H U D.

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Photos provided courtesy of Chris Reichel, Andrew Slowey, Cycle for Heart, Rachael Marsden/Cat Dixon