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ViscoSet – EC34/28.6 – Top – BAA1069K

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ViscoSet offers viscous damping to make bicycles safer by inhibiting the uncontrolled steering oscillation known as speed wobble. Speed wobbles are vibrations that start small and get worse due to harmonics. This frightening shimmy can affect the handling of any bicycle under certain conditions and is the result of many different factors.


oscillation eliminated

Utilizing specially designed damping plates above the bearing in the upper assembly, ViscoSet stops the oscillation known as “speed wobble” before it can grow to a dangerous level.

The Viscoset’s ability to reduced arm fatigue, provide a more stable ride, and standup to the elements lends itself to a variety of applications including Bikepacking, gravel and ultra-endurance.

viscoset headset

Fluorocarbon gel

Micro-thin plates are inter-leaved in an encapsulated cartridge and connected to both the frame and the steerer tube. As they rotate against each other, a fluorocarbon gel between each layer provides viscous damping and stops the oscillation of the handlebars before it grows to a dangerous level.

Viscoset damping headset for bicycles


By changing the orientation of the Viscoset shims, riders are able to personalize the damping characteristics to their preferred amount of damping.

“Iā€™m sold on the ViscoSet. I wish all my bikes had one installed. Reduced arm fatigue, a more stable ride, and more steadiness when packing and unpacking the bike are all great benefits. However, I also really appreciate the feel of it. With the added resistance, it simply has a high quality feel.”

Cane Creek Headsets

A legacy of innovation

In 1992, we brought the AheadsetĀ®, the original threadless headset, to market – kicking off a major change in the way bicycle frames and forks would be developed going forward.

The original design of that revolutionary headset is still found in almost all bikes on the market today.

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Reed Mann

Design Engineer
Name: Reed Mann
Position: Design Engineer
Year started: 2022
Best part of being a part of the Cane Creek family: Ā It’s very refreshing to work for a small, tight-knit company where we all share the same passions and to develop new products that make cycling better for everyone.
What youā€™ll find me doing on the weekends: Obviously riding bikes, but also wrenching on bikes or cars, exploring the mountains, and watching F1 races.
How I got here (at Cane Creek): Feeling pretty unfulfilled with a corporateĀ engineering job, I happened to see that Cane Creek was hiring. I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands dirty working on the latest bike tech and was fortunate enough to be offered the position.