The leaves are changing colors and starting to dust the trail, the days are getting shorter and colder, and the gravel riding is starting to heat up.  Gravel riding manifests the freedom that a riding a bicycle can provide, you find yourself riding off the beaten path to take yourself to new places, and fall is our favorite time to ride gravel here in Western North Carolina.

Featured products: 



eeSilk Seatpost: Extend Your Ride

Ride longer, ride farther with the eeSilk premium suspension seatpost. At 295 grams the eeSilk Post is comparable in weight to traditional rigid performance seatposts while offering 20mm of vertical compliance improving control on rough surfaces and reducing fatigue on long rides.







eeWings All-Road: Choose Your Own Road

The eeWings All-Road titanium cranks and the included CNC aluminum bottom bracket preloader are the ultimate in stiffness and durability while weighing in at less than 400 grams – in the same weight range as premium carbon cranks but 20% to 30% stiffer





110 headset: The Absolute Best

Our Premium 110 series is a no-compromise, best-in-class headset.  The 110 series comes equipped with our premium Hellbender bearings- the most durable headset bearings we make, and uses optimal materials and the best aesthetics available in a headset. We’re so confident in our 110 series headset, we’ve backed it with our 100% lifetime guarantee




Hellbender Bottom Bracket: Reliability Meets Performance

With the collaboration of SKF’s MTRX bearing technology, we were able to bring a product to market that provides unmatched bearing performance and reliability. Pair our eeWings titanium crankset and Hellbender bottom bracket, and a rider will experience the most robust crankset/bottom bracket combination in cycling history.



Colin Reis




Featured rider: Our very own Colin R.