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Lose 220 grams (half a pound) off of your front and rear brake and headset.

eeBrakes: The eeBrake is the ultimate brake from start to finish – a uniquely robust patented design developed and refined by relentless engineering, both at the computer and through real-life testing. At half the weight than that of its competitors, eeBrakes continue to set new standards by which all other high performance road brakes are judged. The same supreme upgrade for performance-oriented riders, a dramatically higher overall stiffness provides better modulation and more power.

AER Headset: Long recognized as the world’s lightest headset, the new AER now offers a hybrid steel and aluminum bearing that provides even greater durability and a 40% weight savings over comparable models. Strategic machining and precision contours provide an optimal balance between weight savings and strength. The new AER headset is now an ideal headset choice for road and mountain bike applications- a high quality durable headset with durability and lightweight performance in mind.

eeNut: The eeTop and eeNut offer a beautifully functional new concept for an extremely lightweight preload assembly. A total weight of only 9.6 grams for the full assembly, saves 30 grams over the typical top and preload. The eeNut is a unique and patent pending design providing ultra light weight, solid locking action and ease of installation in one package. The recessed cone shape provides greater tension stiffness. This increased stiffness facilitates precise headset adjustment and sets it apart from other lightweight caps.

Take The Weight Off Today:


eeNut Preload

AER Headset


eeNut Preload – 10 grams (Comparable carbon steerer preload weight – 40 grams) eeBrake Regular Mount Front – 84 grams (DA 9100 Regular brake weight w/o pads 153 grams) eeBrake Regular Mount Rear – 82 grams (DA 9100 Regular brake weight w/o pads 153 grams) AER Headset and bearings
(H15, IS42/IS52) – 49 grams (Comparable Cane Creek 40 series headset weight – 99 grams)