Daylight Weight Savings: Guide to Seven Cane Creek Products to Lose Weight and Improve Ride

Ah, finally… Daylight Savings time is here! On Sunday, March 10, we skipped our clocks ahead one hour to take advantage of a later sunrise and sunset. Our after-work rides just became a bit more attainable without the use of night riding lights. This also means that blooming flowers, warmer temps, and longer rides are right around the corner. To celebrate daylight savings, we’re sharing our top seven weight-saving products from Cane Creek (in no particular order, because they’re all our favorites):


Cane Creek G4 eeBrake

G4 eeBrakes

eeBrakes: Remarkably powerful, powerfully light

At half the weight than that of its competitors, eeBrakes continue to set new standards by which all other high performance road brakes are judged. The same supreme upgrade for performance-oriented riders, a dramatically higher overall stiffness provides better modulation and more power. No detail has been overlooked, greater tire clearance and tool-less pad centering make installation simple. It’s a win-win!

Direct mount weights are 78.2 grams (rear) and 78.4 grams (front) and regular mount weights are 83.7 grams (rear) and 85.3 grams (front), without brake pads.



AER Headset

AER Headset

AER headset: Love is in the AER

The AER headset has long been recognized as the world’s lightest headset weighing in at 49 grams. The new AER now offers a hybrid steel and aluminum bearing that provides even greater durability and a 40% weight savings over comparable models. Strategic machining and precision contours provide an optimal balance between weight savings and strength. Ideal for both road and mountain bike applications, AER is high quality, durable, lightweight, and has unrivaled performance. For an ultralight “Race Day” application, road riders can outfit their AER with a Norglide composite bearing.



eeNut Preload Assembly

eeNut Preload Assembly

eeNut: Beautifully functional

It’s the little things… eeNut Preload Assembly is only 10 grams (!), 30 grams lighter than a comparable carbon steerer preload. The eeNut is a unique and patent pending design providing ultra light weight, solid locking action and ease of installation in one package. The recessed cone shape provides greater tension stiffness. This increased stiffness facilitates precise headset adjustment and sets it apart from other lightweight caps. Ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain… sweat the small things.






Did you know? You can lose up to 220 grams (.48 lb!) on your brake set and headset when you match eeNut Preload Assembly, eeBrake front & rear, and AER headset and bearings?

eeNut Preload – 10 grams  (Comparable carbon steerer preload weight – 40 grams)

eeBrake Direct Mount Front – 77 grams   (DA9010 DM brake weight w/o pads 145grams) or eeBrake Regular Mount Front – 82 grams   (DA 9100 Regular brake weight w/o pads 153 grams)

eeBrake Direct Mount Rear – 74 grams (DA9010 DM brake weight w/o pads 123 grams) or eeBrake Regular Mount Rear – 80 grams (DA 9100 Regular brake weight w/o pads 153 grams)

AER Headset and bearings (H15, IS42/IS52) – 49 grams (Comparable Cane Creek 40 series headset weight  – 95 grams)

Cane Creek ee products : 210-221 grams

Comparable products : 403-441 grams

Savings: 193-220 grams

eeWings All-Road and Mountain titanium crankset

eeWings All-Road and Mountain Titanium Cranksete

eeWings: Durable, stiff, lightweight

eeWings premium titanium cranks are available in road, gravel, cyclocross, and mountain biking configurations, with or without Stages power meter. eeWings are engineered and handcrafted to withstand the rigors of aggressive mountain biking, but are a great premium upgrade for any cyclists who puts a premium on durability, stiffness, and weight.

Both All-Road and Mountain eeWings titanium cranks weigh at or just under 400 grams. While their weight is on par with premium carbon cranks, eeWings’ durability and stiffness far out-perform them: eeWings are 20-30% stiffer than carbon cranks, which provides a stable, powerful platform for pedaling and executing technical maneuvers. They’re backed by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 10 year limited warranty, but we tend to think they’ll be the last cranks you may ever have to buy.





DBair IL Rear Shock

DBair IL: Supple, yet seamlessly supportive

DBair IL is our lightest weight air shock (~400 grams, without hardware), and it’s offered in a cornucopia of sizes in order to fit many full-suspension mountain bikes as a premium upgrade. As with all of our rear shocks, DBair IL is built to order by hand in our facility in Western North Carolina. With the DBair IL, you get to take advantage of Cane Creek’s Double Barrel twin-tube technology in an inline body. The DBair IL is packed full of features including Climb Switch technology and independent high-speed and low-speed compression and rebound adjustments. Competitive in weight but first in adjustability, the DBair IL is the perfect rear shock for the rider looking for a light-but-mighty shock package with unmatched tunability.






Cane Creek DBcoil IL

DBcoil IL with VALT Spring

DBcoil IL with VALT spring: Coil performance at a fraction of the weight

Ahhhh, but if you prefer the performance of a coil shock, we’ve still got something for you: DBcoil IL with VALT spring. For years riders have had to sacrifice carrying the weight of a coil shock in order to get the performance and consistency they desired. The DBcoil IL is the first ever twin-tube inline shock that packs in all of the function of a piggyback coil shock in a lighter (*333g difference) and sleeker package. The shock alone weighs in at roughly 285 grams (depending on size), and the VALT spring offers significant weight reduction over our standard steel spring.

Also equipped with Climb Switch technology, 4-way adjustability and unparalleled Double Barrel performance, the DBcoil IL dominates aggressive descents with superior small bump compliance, heat dissipation and linear spring action. * (216×63) DBCOIL IL with VALT® as compared to a DBCoil CS with a standard spring.




eeBarkeep: I’ll take it neat

Keep your handlebars light and neat with Cane Creek’s new eeBarKeep bar end plugs (6 grams each). Metal bar end plugs means your handlebar tape, grips, and/or bar ends stay neat, clean, and pro for a long time, rather than scuffing, tearing, or falling out. Designed with both flat and drop bar applications in mind these CNC machined, high quality components build upon the ee experience: precision, ingenuity and the love of the ride.