“Cane Creek is obviously looking to set their fork apart.. To do that, the Helm’s damper and air spring both offer an incredibly supportive ride, one that’s suited to the more aggressive, hard charging people out there.” – Mike Levy /

“This isn’t an assembly line product, and that’s perhaps the coolest part.” – Ryan Palmer /

“Thanks to a desire to do things their own way and build the products they want to ride, Cane Creek has been able to stand out in a sea of competing products. And if the first impressions of the Helm are any indication, their suspension fork should be a true contender among industry giants…” – Zach Overholt /

“Honestly, we didn’t have any doubts about the quality of the product, knowing Cane Creek, but the Helm surpassed our expectations. It’s one of the best forks we’ve ever ridden.” – Mountain Bike Action /

“For a first effort, Cane Creek has totally nailed this fork — it’s mega adjustable if you’re a tinkerer, but it also performs superbly if you just want to fit it and forget it.” – Mick Kirkman /

“The Helm’s stiffness continued to impress me no matter if I was riding a jump line, pushing through berms, or dropping into a rock garden.” – Aaron Chamberlain /

Double Barrel


“The highly adjustable and excellently damped DBair CS now climbs as well as it descends.” – Rob Weaver /

“Cane Creek’s out of the box thinking has resulted in not only one of the more unique suspension products on the market, but also one that has proven itself to be very effective.” – Mike Levy /

“The DBAir CS is the best All-Mountain air sprung rear shock I have used, and it provides incredible plushness and ride composure on any terrain, especially in the gnar.” – Brian Mullin /

“Every time I ride this shock, I’m always blown away with the level of traction it provides. It’s able to do so because when set up correctly, it remains supple and active while still providing plenty of support.” – Ryan Palmer /

“If turning your all-mountain shredder into an all-out downhill brawler is your thing, the Cane Creek DBcoil CS will not disappoint.” – Ryan Johnson /

“It’s when you’re on the way back up for another run that the latest CS version really comes into its own though.” – Guy Kesteven /

“The bottom line is that our test shock simply had to last, and it’s done exactly that. The action is still consistent throughout the stroke, and there are absolutely no gurgles or other funny sounds that would hint at a loss of pressure and air entering the system.” – Mike Levy /

“The DBcoil [IL] does not disappoint, it allows the rider to push just a bit further through the corners before worrying about breaking traction.” – Josh Patterson /


cane creek headsets


“I have had the Cane Creek 110 IS on my Ibis Mojo for a year now, and it has been abused through mud, snow and rain, and has been subjected to constant rocky and bone jarring conditions. It has worked so well that I have pretty much forgotten that it was even on the bike.” – Brian Mullin /

“For those in the eternal pursuit of a lighter bike, this new AER-Series II headset, and in particular, the bearings, has proven to be a perfectly functional upgrade, and one that won’t scream to the world that you’re trying to cheat the climbs.” – David Rome /

“What if a headset could change the way your bike handles? That’s just what Cane Creek’s AngleSet manages to do, making it a game changer.” – Matt Pac0cha /


“Installed on a bike that had a wobble problem, the ViscoSet brought new confidence to no-handed riding after a few adjustments.” –


“They have improved power, stiffness, modulation, versatility and significant weight reductions over big brand stock offerings.. Trust me when I say that once you have a set of eeBrakes your biggest problem is going to be deciding which bike to put them on.” –



“As for the Thudbuster, I think it provides just enough dampening to alleviate some of the back strain and bum bruising that long days.. can create.” – Logan Watts /

“While there are other more affordable and basic seat post suspension units out there, none of them offers the same travel and comfort feel that the Thudbuster Long Travel product does in my opinion.” – Electric Bike Review